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Hello - my name is Andy Horn and I started my career as a sound engineer back in the days of tape machines and big mixing consoles. After all this time I believe there are only a few jobs in the wide field of audio production I'm not familiar with.


But it took me 15 years to perfect my skills in order to break new ground. My way of processing an already mixed piece of music to bring out its full potential. To make it shine and let it sound like a highly competitive and radio ready recording.


My service and rates are targeted and set for the independent artist. Though the results can compete against the world’s top mastering houses for the fraction of their prices.

SINGER-SONGWRITER / ROOTS-ROCK - Ben Arnold (US) - Band Of Heathens (US) - Nigel Ray Beck (GB/DK) - Bottle Rockets (US) - Peter Brander (DK) - The Brandos (US) - Scott Bricklin (US/FR) - Cindy Bullens (US) - Chris Cacavas (US/DE) - Cracker (US) - Danny & Dusty (US) - Julian Dawson (GB) - Alejandro Escovedo (US) - The Fried Orka Band (DK) - Fleadh (DE) - Tom Gillam (US) - Terry Lee Hale (US/FR) - Hardpan (US) - Rich Hopkins (US) - Krump (DK) - Iain Matthews (US/NL) - Elliott Murphy (US/FR) - Saoirse Mhór (IE/DE) - Joseph Parsons (US/DE) - Plainsong (GB) - Say SuZu (US) - Hank Shizzoe (CH) - The Silos (US) - Lerroy Stagger (CAN) - Todd Thibaud (US) - Ad Vanderveen (NL) - Westwood (DE/US) - Bet Williams (US) - Colin Wilkie (GB/DE) - Steve Wynn (US)


ROCK / METAL / ALTERNATIVE - Agony (CO) - Andem (RU) - Art Of Shock (US) - Sebastian Bach (US) - Steve Brockmann (DE) - Cage (US) - Cornerstone (DK) - Châlice (DE) - Darkseed (DE) - Destination’s Calling (DE) - Dio De Las Moertu (MX/US) - Doomshine (DE) - ELA (DE) - Edenbridge (AT) - Fight / feat. Rob Halford (US) - Fireleaf (DE) - Force Of Progress (DE) - Glyder (IE) - Heathen Foray (AT) - Hollow Illusion (NO) - Human Fortress (DE) - Immortal Guardian (US) - Imperia (NO) - Ivanhoe (DE) - Lanfear (DE) - Majesty (DE) - Manzano (ES) - Manticora (US) - Missing Tide (DK) - Messenger (DE) - Mortal Love (NO) - Octanic (AUS) - Razorback (DE) - Reaper (DE) - Rob Rock (US) - Sandalinas (ES) - Seven Thorns (DK) - Spitefuel (DE) - Substereo (DK) - Toxic Smile (DE) - Tribe Of Gypsies (US) - Violent Storm (US) - Voices Of Destiny (D) - Weeping Silence (MT)


POP / FUNK / JAZZ / WORLD / OTHERS - Chris Collide (DE) - Elvis-HSV (DE) - Funk Kartell (DE) - The Healing Road (DE) - Jetzt und Hier (DE) - Lost Eden (DE) - Dominik Marx (DE) - Rainer Thielmann (DE) - Stefan Rauch (DE) - T / aka Thomas Thielen (DE) - Teradélie (FR)